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“I wrote this song [Trauma] from a depth within that, for years, fear would not allow me to explore.  My hope is that it will empower those who have gone through the darkness of trauma to let their light shine like never before.” – Carl

Carl Brister

Carl Brister is an international recording artist and accomplished singer/songwriter who was recently featured on NBC’s Access Hollywood, ABC’s Here and Now, BET, Aspire Network, and more.  His upcoming single, “Trauma” will be released on April 22nd during child sexual abuse awareness month followed by Mental Health Awareness month.  As a survivor of an incident of childhood sexual abuse, Carl has lent his voice as an ambassador for NJ’s Center for Abuse Protection. His story has uplifted people all over the world who have been empowered by the powerful messages in his music.

Trauma is a bittersweet yet inspiring ballad that lights up the shadows and lifts the layers of hurt and pain caused by traumatic experiences.  With only his piano and his voice, Carl uses minimalism and simplicity to tell his captivating story in a delivery that brings to mind some of the great storytellers of today’s adult contemporary music. Throughout the song, Carl sheds his protective shell and turns his pen towards a self-reflective light that saves him from the lifelong effects of trauma.   As he sings “That ‘never again’ became imprisonment, invisible for the eye to see especially me” Carl brings us into a moment of vulnerability only a few fearless writers of today such as Adele, H.E.R., Taylor Swift, John Legend or others have chosen to go.  

Carl describes his inspiring adult-contemporary soulful sound as “free music” as it defies the confines of any particular genre.  His passionate lyrics and multi-range vocal stylings tell stories that connect with listeners around the globe.  “I try to sing and write from the “inside-out” so that it’s authentic and genuine.  If it matters to me, I know it will matter to someone who’s listening,” he adds. 

Carl is also the founder of The Love+Unity Music Fest which he began in 2016 as the nation became increasingly divided by incidents of racism and police brutality. The event is hosted by Music Village, a non-profit organization that Carl founded in 2019.  A husband to his college sweetheart and dad of their two sons, Carl is also a licensed educator who used music to help students achieve in Math. He also founded a scholarship that helps music students afford instruments, privates lessons, and provides tuition assistance.  Carl recently placed his career in the urban public and charter schools of Newark, NJ on hold to follow his musical dreams, however, he hopes to one day start a school of the arts and sciences to help students achieve their individual greatness.     

Carl Brister’s new single “Trauma” will be available on April 22nd on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora music, and more.