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On every song, in every performance, and at every show, I try to sing from the inside out ….so it can be an experience that people won’t forget.” – Carl

Carl Brister

Carl Brister is an international recording artist and accomplished singer/songwriter who has been featured on NBC’s Access Hollywood, ABC’s Here and Now, BET, Aspire Network, and more.

Carl’s passionate lyrics and multi-range vocal stylings tell stories that connect with listeners around the globe. His break-out rendition of superstar Janet Jackson’s classic “Let’s Wait Awhile” showcases his smooth yet dynamic vocal range and approach.  The cover is making its own mark on Adult R&B / Soul radio stations and playlists worldwide.  “My hope was to continue the conversation that Janet began by adding my own voice from a male point of view.  Carl explains.  “ I hope it helps everyone know that it’s ok to wait and for each person to decide when the time is right.”

Carl is also the founder of The Love+Unity Music Fest which he began in 2016 as the nation became increasingly divided by incidents of racism and police brutality. The event is hosted by Music Village, a non-profit organization that Carl founded in 2019. 

This multi-faceted singer/songwriter is also a former math educator in the urban school systems of Newark, NJ where he achieved recognition as a highly effective teacher who used music to help students achieve in math.  He shares, “I would create math songs about everything. The kids would sing them and learn at the same time.“  Carl hopes to one day start a school of the arts and sciences to continue inspiring students to pursue their dreams.

As a survivor of a tragic incident of sexual abuse by a trusted family friend as a child, Carl knows the challenges of trauma and has been an advocate for Child Abuse Prevention through his music and community outreach involvements.  His acclaimed songs “Trauma” and “Enough Is Enough” speak profoundly to global challenges and were both in consideration for the 2023 Grammy for “Best Song for Social Change” award.

Married to his college sweetheart, and a proud dad of two sons, family is often the subject of Carl’s music.  His songs “Turning Point”, “Pray for Me”, “Daddy’s Angel”, and “Uncomplicated Love (Let’s Go Back)”,  are but some of his top streaming singles on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon, and more. His musical influences range from the great Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and Michael Jackson to many of today’s icons including Usher, Bruno Mars, and John Legend.  But his greatest influence was his dad who played guitar in a funk band and was also a Hip Hop DJ known as “Jazzy Cazzie”.   “My dad taught me to always go above and beyond to give the people an experience they won’t forget,” adds Carl. “So on every song, in every performance, and at every show, I try to sing from the inside out and leave it all out there so it can be an experience that people won’t forget.”