This is a “Turning Point” year for Carl Brister. With his singles “Turning Point” and “Let’s Go Back” both debuting on BET amassing over 80,000 collective YouTube views and featured on Pandora, Music Choice and Spotify, Carl’s music is helping his fans find love and happiness as they pursue their passions and dreams.
Carl first came to national attention with featured performances on NBC, BET, and more. This singer/ songwriter currently describes his sound as “free music” that combines elements of Soul, R&B, Pop & Dance with heartfelt lyrics
of love that touches the soul.
A husband and proud father of two sons,Carl grew concerned about the rise in police brutality and broadening racial divide throughout the country. Using music to bring people together, he founded the annual Love+Unity Fest which inspires unity in the community through live performances by artists and musicians of all genres together.
Recently, Carl gave an exclusive performance at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City in support of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness and shared his personal story as a survivor.
Carl Brister is also a highly effective educator who uses music to teach mathematics to middle school and elementary students throughout the urban district of Newark, NJ.
Author James Legrand (Evolve!) writes, “Carl Brister is great on every album. If you haven’t heard him live though, you are missing out!” Born in Plainfield, NJ and currently residing in West Orange, Carl has been seen on
stages in Europe, Africa, The Caribbean, and throughout the United States. “Each time I perform I think about how you never know what this moment can mean to someone. So I give it all I got.”
Carl’s lyrics to his soulful single & video “Let’s Go Back” are true to his sound. The “Let’s Go Back” dance remix will be released in summer 2019.