Total Voice Training Workshop

Total Voice Training with Carl Brister

This workshop consists of 4 sessions designed to elevate your singing ability. Register today for early bird pricing. Classes begin January 8, 2022. One-on-One vocal coaching sessions are also available. For all pricing click “Register Today!”

SESSION 1: Jan 8th – Vocal Basics 101: How the Voice Works

  • The anatomy of the voice
  • Warm-up techniques & vocal exercises
  • Preparing for your performance

SESSION 2: Jan 15th – Voice Control – How to Elevate Your “Live” Vocal Performance

  • Improving your breath control & vocal range
  • Adding color to your sound (tone, diction)
  • Stage presence: How to “own” your space

SESSION 3: Jan 21st –  How to Elevate Your Studio Vocal Performance 

  • Breath control – Live vs. studio
  • Importance of tone and placement 
  • 5 do’s and don’ts when recording lead and background vocals

SESSION 4: Jan 29th – Voice Maintenance: Taking Care of Your Instrument and it will Take Care of You

  • Good & bad habits that affect the voice over time 
  • Best ways to protect your hearing from sound overexposure
  • Exercises singers can do to help keep the voice in shape
  • Best beverages/foods for singers before a vocal performance

Dynamic One-on-One Vocal Coaching Also Available!

One-on-One dynamic vocal coaching tailor-designed to suit your individual needs. Sessions include an intensive focus on your vocal strengths, identifying areas for growth, and establishing your personal singing goals. Topics include a deep-dive into the following: Breathing Techniques, Ear Training, Phrasing, Pitch, Tone, Diction, Placement, Vocal Range, and developing your unique vocal sound.